Our show contains 30 singing / dancing musical numbers in the classic musical form of dialog then singing.

     The songs are singable by the audience and range from original spirituals, blues, jazz, funk and musical theatre type songs, all under the umbrella of the blues.
Music & Lyrics
10 African American adult males
5 white males
4 African American adult females
1 white female
1 African American male youth
1 white male youth
African Dancers
a variety of non-speaking roles

Running time is 2 hours 35 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

The story begins as an arch plot, explores five sub-plots, and resolves in the arch plot.

Running Time & Structure
     We studied the histories and language usage from the Slave Narratives, giving great care to events and dialog authentic to southern plantations. No usage of any word by any character is accidental: characters’ vocabularies are historically accurate. Research is verifiable.
Language & Content
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